Innovation is important.

Business is about being innovative. My motto, innovate or someone else will.

Always experiment

Through experimentation we can learn. Without it we never fail, and we never learn.

Ledership is key

Leading innovative, creative and motivated people can lead to wonderful results

Be courageous and go against the norm

Observe and understand, but never follow the rest

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  • Grip Challenge Live Event – Deutsche Bank

    Charity, Event, Grip Challenge, Live

    After almost 5 years within the Deutsche Bank organisation I actually created something for the Deutsche Bank brand with our…

  • YUNAR – an award-winning brand

    If your money doesn’t make you happy, what’s it for? That was the question we asked right at the beginning,…

  • Best of content marketing Award

    Advertising, Awards, Branded Entertainment, brands, C3, Content, Midas, Viral

    We won another award for YUNAR, this time at the annual “Best of Content Marketing” Awards 2018 in the category…

    • Webby Awards – oh yeah!!!

      May 5, 2019

      Now the Webby Awards are really something. Amazing work from all over the world in so many categories, its mindblowing….

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    • Grow Up

      April 22, 2019

      It’s a few years ago now, but the Mercedes campaign “Grow Up” was a powerful example of how to target…

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    • The greatest love story (n)ever told

      March 27, 2019

      Here is a lovely love story by BIANCO footwear. Never heard of this brand before I saw this. It’s worth…

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