CosmosDirekt Wine collection drop

10 years in a row, CosmosDirekt has been voted by its clients as “Germanys most loved auto insurer”. A pretty cool thing, we think.

And to celebrate, we together with our creative agency Leagas Delaney decided to bring something really new onto the market, and something very unexpected from an auto insurer – a special wine collection.

Ok, you may think, why on earth a wine collection? Well, it’s pretty simple – if you’re clients are that impressed, that’s a good reason for a little celebration. Cheers we said.

But this is no ordinary wine collection. This collection celebrates the thousands of repairs we have undertaken over the years for thousands of people and their unfortunate car incidents.

And we’ve really celebrated with 10 special wines all with fantastic names and stories – all fictional, but all real life incidents. Now this is hard to translate: “Caputo da Auto – Pinot Noir”. Translated think, “Italian guy saying – my car is a broken”. Etc.

Here the work.

And the press love it as do our clients.

A wonderful campaign.