Artificial Intelligence: worlds first Battle Rap between human and machine.

There is so much talk about AI at the moment, and it seems as though everyone is trying to discover what is possible and what’s not. We’re no different. We are starting to look at what can be done with AI, what opportunities it opens and what restraints and issues it brings.

Our first AI project, based around the OMR x AI campaign was to see whether AI, in particular ChatGPT, can mix it with the best rappers.

Therefore together with Leagas Delaney and two German rap legends MC Rene and SPAX we let man against machine go for it in a live battle rap.

The result is amazing. How fast humans and machines can work together is fascinating, however, thankfully the humans came out on top. It’s interesting to see text developed on the fly by responding to the text of the rapper, and if definitely was entertaining.

In the end the feeling of the community, the rappers and the production team was unified: AI is here to stay, but it still can’t beat good old human creativity.