eSports E-Academy begins

Its time for us to expand our eSports activities with the beginning of our 2nd E-Academy in Germany together with Bundesliga club Vfl Wolfsburg.

The E-Academy aims to recruit Germanys hottest new FIFA21 talent to then give them a career within the eSports world. The E-Academy, which has been running since 2018, is the only eSports recruitment tournament whereby all winners and players who joined Vfl Wolfsburg through the tournament, are all now professional Bundesliga eSports players. Something we’re proud of together with Vfl Wolfsburg.

This year the online tournament is broken up into six qualifying stages including the first ever female scouting tournament. The first round is already completed with the first players qualifying for the Grand Final beginning of 2021.

144 players entered the first knock-out stage with EMILIORW winning and qualifying for the Grand Final. The next qualifying tournament is the CosmosDirekt tournament where already around 200 players have entered.

This time as mentioned the E-Academy will have the first female qualifier section as well as a Volkswagen employee tournament.

Let’s see the progression.