Supporting female empowerment done differently.

Carolin Kebekus, Germany’s funniest woman (there can be only one), came to us with the idea of creating Germany’s first ever Female Festival Day in 2022 – the “DCKS Festival 2022”. The reason, when looking back at the leading music festivals in Germany, only 4% of the bands and singers appearing on stage are female. Now that didn’t seem right to us.

So we decided to support the event and help make it come alive.

And what an event it was!

Rock am Ring, Germany’s leading music festival even congratulated Carolin live on their stage, highlighting what had been achieved, and promised to change their own festival lineup in future to make sure that more female musicians would be up on stage exciting the thousands.

And as part of this whole story, we thought it would be great to book advertising space to enable Carolin Kebekus to tell her story with a 1 minute ad run on national television.

A wonderful campaign for female musicians in Germany, for Carolin Kebekus and for us at CosmosDirekt.

Personally another moving campaign which we were part of.

Thanks Carolin and Leagas Delaney!


Preis für Popkultur 2022 – “Gelebte Popkultur