CosmosDirekt x OMR 2023

This years OMR was pretty much all focused around topics such as “video”, “Influencer”, “advertising spendings”, “media challenges” and of course AI!

We thought this would be the trend topic before the festival, and decided to highlight this topic in the biggest possible way at the massive festival. And therefore we booked the largest advertising space at the 80.000 strong festival and did this in a super creative way.

Together with Leagas Delaney Hamburg we went straight at the topic and came up with the “BYE, BYE OMR!” billboard. The headline “BYE, BYE OMR – from here on in the AI will take over” aimed at getting people talking about AI and the future of our industry. We waned to be on-point, knowing that pretty much all the 80,000 festival goers were going to talk about and inform themselves about almost nothing else. And since our slogan is “Schütze was du liebst” (Protect what you love) we wanted to get people to think about what AI means for all of us, our industry and the future of the industry, whether it be around topics of copyright, jobs, creativity etc.

We built a landing page around the billboard enabling people to get online directly from the billboard and to voice their our own opinions on the topic, ranging from asking whether it’s a good thing, how it will shape our future, what regulations need to be in place and how they feel about the future around AI.

The results we then presented live for all users to see.

Surprisingly the attitude remains (at least within the marketing community) generally rather positive to this. I was surprised, since I believe it has the power to change our industry and our democracy more than pretty much anything since the internet itself. But the vibes were positive!

Users that went online and contributed now have the chance to win tickets to next years OMR, which will most likely not be any smaller. 🙂

And what was exciting for us to see, was that the campaign actually not only made it into the feeds of many festival goers, but also was used by the media in conjunction with the OMR 2023.

That is a pretty strong campaign then. 😉

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