YUNAR – an award-winning brand

If your money doesn’t make you happy, what’s it for?

That was the question we asked right at the beginning, since most banking / financial experiences are boring and uninspiring. We wanted to build a brand that shoul change that. Where the focus was on fun and highlighting the fun that can be had with money. So changing a boring something, into something happy.

Together with Superunion in Munich we developed this new Deutsche Bank brand from scratch. No real hinderances and no legacy. Just a brand for today.

What we did?

We developed a bright and fun brand. One that evolves with you and feels like it fits into your daily life. Something that suprising and smart, something which is easy to use and something you are happy to be associated with. Not the heavy, dreary feeling you get when you think of money or a bank. Nothing like that.

We developed a brand with bright colours, that looks like fun. Something which isn’t just in your pocket on your smartphone, but something that’s in your face.

YUNAR Logo varies

We gave it a simple feel, something which is quick and highlights the small highlights in your life. Gaining points and rewards when shoping can be small but satisfying and that’s the feeling we wanted to pursue. Something not to serious, and not something just for the really big moments, but rather the highlights in our daily lives.

YUNAR Billboard
YUNAR Outdoor

Bright, optimistic colours. Bold, startling, funny graphics. We knew we weren’t creating a brand – we were creating a new friend. A bright, optimistic companion that you’re always pleased to see.

YUNAR brand
YUNAR brand

And the product itself is simply an app. Something that’s with you everyday and everywhere.

And the focus was on downloads and engaged users, which means that it has to be fun and positive!


German Brand Award “Gold” – Banking & Financial Services

Midas Gold 2018 – Illustration

Midas Silver 2018 – Design

Midas Silver 2018 – Music

Midas Certificate 2018 – Branding

Midas Certificate 2018 – Design / Identity

Silver “Best-of-content-marketing” 2019 – Branded Entertainment


Superunion Munich

C3 Berlin

Havas Düsseldorf