Time to close the chapter Deutsche Bank – Thank you!

After almost 5 years at Deutsche Bank it’s time for me to close this amazing chapter.

It was an exciting time.

I had the opportunity to work with so many talented people both internally and externally. Together we learnt and created on a daily basis. I was given challenging and rewarding roles whether it be revitalising DWS marketing, building Yunar or simply doing some cool stuff for Deutsche Bank.

With our spirit and drive we always fought for what was right, and for those things that would challenge the status-quo and bring us ahead! Most importantly for me – I was inspired, learnt so much and was able to create so much with you all!

Thank you for this amazing time dear colleagues, partners and fellow doers! I hope you felt that spirit! 🙂

Creating the #GripChallenge for Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Sporthilfe.

Building the new brand “YUNAR” in 2018 and launching in 2019.

The “Böse Null” of course in 2017.

Together with Markus Koch launching “Ach, du liebes Geld” and generating more that 7 Mio video views and a Youtube hit.

Various projects for DWS including both online and offline campaigns.

The “60 years DWS” campaign developed with Havas and Rocket&Wink.

The “Ihr Geld schmilzt” campaign which started so much at DWS in 2015.

And all the awards we won in each year! 🙂

What a team!