YUNAR wins Midas Awards 2018

Yes, YUNAR wins Gold, 2 silver and 2 certificates at the Midas Awards (Worlds best financial advertising) 2018.

We entered five categories and got nominated in all categories for the work we did developing the new Deutsche Bank digital brand YUNAR.

Here the awards:

Amazing work done by our partners at SuperUnion,

  • Bastian Lindberg – former Managing Director, Superunion Munich
  • Philipp Mühlebach – Executive Creative Director, Superunion
  • Vinia Zottnick – Design Director, Superunion
  • Ahmed Fouda – Designer, Superunion
  • Nadine Nadler – Strategy Director, Superunion
  • Ina Bernhardt – Client Director, Superunion

as well as at C3:

  • Matthias Jarochowski – Creative Producer, C3
  • Tina Rentzsch – Producer, C3
  • Helen Perrucker – Account Director C3

And naturally our own internal team:

  • Me 🙂 – Head of Marketing YUNAR
  • Carolin Dauchenbeck – Marketing, YUNAR
  • Stephan Dietzsch – Marketing, YUNAR
  • Tim Alexander – CMO, Deutsche Bank