Yunar Website

Finally YUNAR has landed in the App Stores and as part of the launch we launched the new website.

The website is an amazing mobile-first site. It was great to be able to start thinking on a white-piece of paper in the year 2018 and really think mobile first.

The site provides content around the topic of loyalty programms, the key USP of the App, whilst also providing an overview of the App capabilities and by introducing the “Friends” of YUNAR (Influencers, partners and co-creators).

Amazing work done together with an inspiring team at C3, led by Helen Perrucker.

Loved working with the team on this one. Award-winning? Here the desktop version:

And being a mobile company, we were really focused on mobile first development, hence the content feed on the homepage of the website. Here the mobile version.

The desktop version of the site is also different to the usual sites around. Since we want people to download the app, we thought, why not highlight the App the whole time? And the answer was building a “large” navigation which is always on.