Burger King and the clown…

Burger King are at it again with the release of the new “It 2” film and their cooperation with the film, this time again attacking the McDonalds clown.

The idea, created by “Grabarz & Partner” here in Germany uses Augmented Reality in a super smart way to get people running out of McDonalds.

Burger placed an ad into the McDonalds in-store magazine for the film, and when readers hover over the ad with their Burger King app (here’s a little issue) they see a message saying “flee from the clown” (Entkomme den Clown) and a voucher for a Whopper at 1 cent. The trick here, the reader has a countdown and has to get to the nearest Burger King quickly to get the Whopper for 1 cent. And of course directions to the closest Burger King are added into the App. 🙂

A great little idea, which is going viral. It shows the continueing creativeness of Burger King with all of their marketing activities.

A pleasure to watch…