One thing I love about all this social media stuff is that people can give you real, unfiltered feedback to the stuff you are doing.

Now we developed this short video for Yunar when we launched the brand end of 2018 and won some nice awards with it.

The work was done together with the talented people at C3 in Berlin. I remember hearing and seeing the first version one night and thinking “OMG, we’re going to far”. Then I played it maybe another four times and suddenly thought, this is fantastic and we need to do it. And so we did, pretty much unchanged (expect our legal department made us take out the scene where someone dressed as a panda slaps someone dressed as a unicorn on their butt.  )

And I only now saw what the people have written under it. It ranges from “best ad ever”, “bring out the song it will go Top 10 on Spotify”, to “what a load of rubbish”, or “worst ad ever”. The bad comments come mainly from the fact, that the colleagues who took over once I left obviously ran the crap out of the ad within a very short period of time. Another learning – don’t bombard people with paid media!!!  

Anyway, this makes me happy and shows that we did do so much right together…