Whilst developing the new advertising campaign for YUNAR we had two objectives – 1) speak directly to the people and 2) build the brand awareness for the brand and interest. Together with HAVAS Düsseldorf we developed the “AR” campaign.

It was important to develop a campaign which could be flexible and be adjusted to various target groups, to specific interest categories and to be able to jump on daily events. This enabled us to be super flexible with the advertising, no matter what topic or format.

Here are some of the current examples running now:

Here an example for Lovoo (a dating platform).

These ads are then targetted online to various interest groups and target groups.

And in order to do social ads we also have daily relevant ads which are taking up actual news events which are happening now. This enables the brand to be fast and reactive and therefore to be able to jump on daily relevance.

And even the video content can be pushing the messaging.