Celebrating “crazy” female athletes is fabulous…

…typical NIKE – their new amazing ad celebrating female athletes is another beautiful piece of work, which is the reason people like me love what we do!

The 90-second spot, which aired during the Oscars and stars Serena Williams, criticises some of the language used to describe women in sport, and urges them to “dream crazier”.

This is the new ad following the already amazing “Colin Kaepernick” ad from last year. And it stands strong, highlighting Nikes beliefs and values unlike any other.

Nike, and Wieden + Kennedy Portland, absolutely are showing us all the way a brand and it’s advertising should be one.

This is not only some idea thought up in a room full of creatives, but it stems from real life. It’s not fake, want to be cool type of stuff, it’s real. The idea came about after Serena’s outburst at last years US Open and the flack she got from people afterwards pointing at the fact that women shouldn’t behave like that. But she’s human, and therefore, it’s the way it is!

Masterclass! 🙂

Read article here: https://www.creativereview.co.uk/nike-ad-crazy-female-athletes-serena-williams/