Creative design trends of 2019 according to Shutterstock search

Shutterstock have highlighted the latest creative design trends which are being searched on their platform for 2019.

Bright colors, cartoon faces, and ostentatious animal patterns show a vibrant undercurrent in this year’s trends. It’s a treasure trove of distractions, playful reflections of our own audacious individualism. Echoes of past trends – leopard print, gold scroll frames, neon signs – remind us just how loud and lively design can be.

Here you can view the trends on their beautiful website: 

Here some of my favorites…. loving the colour and the feel of these…

And Behance has also published their version, which is similar and also amazing.

Trend of the year: 

Custom Made Illustrations.

According to recent statistics custom made illustrations can convert 7 times better than any stock photography. A unique illustration with bold colors will definitely make a business stand out. A good illustrator can create a vibrant illustration, toned to suit a brand’s needs.

Here some favs and the link: 

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