Agile Marketing

I don’t like the word “agile”…

…But Agile Marketing, when done well, is “now”.

Here is a simply infographic highlighting Agile Marketing. What I usually don’t like about “agile” is that it’s misused often in companies when it comes to constantly changing direction. However, with a clear and precise vision of where a company / brand wants to go, it’s imperative that in today’s media landscape and inline with people’s expecations and lifestyles, brands and marketing departments can build agile marketing organisations.

Agile Marketing
Agile Marketing

This is one of the major things I’ve learnt this year with building YUNAR. It’s not just about the brand, it’s about how the marketing organisation, and that means everyone, can work on an ongoing daily basis with building great people experiences, based in great detail on what people like.


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