#Ihrgeldschmilzt – Financial Marketing can be innovative!

#ihrgeldschmilzt was the name of the innovative marketing campaign brought to life by us this week.

The idea was simple: show German investors what happens to their savings with historically low interest – it melts away.

The purpose: to get German savers to think about other alternatives for their savings, such as investment funds.

The idea came from Torsten Pollmann at Havas Worldwide Germany as part of a pitch for a larger campaign. We saw the idea, and knew we had to do it.

The “melting ice” idea lasted one day. It generated more than 8 Mio contacts in German TV, Print and Online Media, including some of the leading media houses within the country – ARD, Bild Zeitung, n-tv, Handelsblatt, just to name a few.

More than 60 people from numerous agencies and within Deutsche AWM were involved. All of them total professionals in what they do. Without them, it would never have worked.

Congratulations and thanks for the experience.










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