New real estate magazine from Deutsche AWM “grundSATZ”

August 23, 2015

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management has many business lines, one of them being the Alternatives line. As part of the growing commitment to this business, we have upgraded the old “grundSATZ” newsletter into a 16-page magazine. The focus is to highlight more the “realness” of real estate, through interesting articles with fund managers, highlights of the real estate market, insights from research and industry findings, whilst also visually showing the amazing buildings within the funds.

The idea is to give investors and distributors a lovely and interesting publication, so that the real estate world receives the attention and focus that it deserves in today’s market place.

A great new magazine designed by HAVAS Düsseldorf and together with the project guidance and editorial skills of Kathrin Bielz.

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Was denken Sie darüber?

Was denken Sie darüber?

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