Echte Auto Liebe – car love!

It’s here, our brand new ad campaign for our car insuranace.

And this campaign is special because it’s unique and real. Six “creators”, as we like to call them, are the stars of this campaign, highlighting how diverse the love of the car still is, even in these days.

The campaign is therefore a celebration of what cars do for us, and also questions what future the car has in our lives.

It’s more than a car ad, and definately more than an insurance ad.

The six stories are centered around “Gunter & Otto”, a story of an elderly man who travelled the equivalent of 22 times around the globe in his Mercedes G-Class, which is now in the Mercedes Musuem in Stuttgart Germany. It tells of “the Oswald family” who sold up everything after realising that the time with their kids was important than anything, and now travelled around Europe in a modified red bus. Or the story of Stefan Rohrer, who has always loved cars, but is a little left, and therefore has turned his two passions into his craeer, by becoming a car artist. Or Lina who is a motor freak, journalist, car mechanic and racing drive in one. Or Nicole, who works at Big Charge, and is developing the future of e-Mobility.

The campaign was developed again with our friends at Leagas Hamburg, this time along with star director “Mario Feil” and the production gang at Markenfilm.

I am extremely proud of this campaign.