CMO’s role today

Everyone has their view of what successful marketeers or CMOs today need to be able to do and their are constant reports and surveys being done to define the ideal CMO today, however I must say that I really like Giselle Abramovichs’ description here for

  1. CMOs must foster the development of trust among the team to make a more collaborative work environment.
  2. CMOs must craft a clear vision to sell into the organization to drive change, as well as clearly defined roles of employees to support that vision.
  3. CMOs must hone soft skills, as they are critical for being an effective leader.
  4. CMOs must be students–always learning–and learn to share leadership authority with modern oversight.
  5. CMOs must be engaged and aware at all times in order to effectively manage an agile organization.
  6. CMOs must build a culture of collaboration through constant and open communication, sourcing ideas, evaluating approaches and discussing among team members how they will share work.
  7. CMOs must reward individual and team outcomes, customizing the type of recognition they provide to each member of their team.

“Leading an agile marketing team requires more soft skills, like communication, resourcefulness, and creativity, versus some of the hard skills that have made a CMO’s career successful up until this point,”

Now I find this a great description of what good marketers need to be able to do today.

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