Brand marketing highlights 2018 (part 1)

Every year worldwide there are beautiful and smart marketing stories brought into the world, by super creative and inspirational marketing experts. These highlights inspire millions of people around the world through their storytelling.

2018 was filled with mega hits, and here are my favorites:

Nike standing up for the people and their brand. The brand showed business leaders around the world what it means to be a relevant brand in the 21st century. By standing behind Colin Kaepernick Nike stood up for all of its brand values and took on enough risks. But it proved brilliant in my opinion.

Another classic from this year is the “Every ad is a Tide ad” campaign for the Super Bowl. Brillant!

Then I loved the clever and human approach taken by Stella Artois whilst parnering with WaterOrg. This is storytelling at its finest – real, emotional and relevant.

Overall I also think KFC are doing great marketing work – and I have no idea why! But they are doing amazing stuff overall. It’s fun, real and relevant today.


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