“Stranger things” brands

I’ve been getting into “Stranger things” lately (I know maybe a little behind the curve here) and not only am I loving the storytelling, but also amused at the 80’s product placement (yes, my youth) and how it is integrated into the Duff Brothers story.

I am loving it.

Apparently according to Netflix the amount of product placement is less than with many others shows such as “house of cards”, however some of the online community claims otherwise. And maybe this online community is about my age and are simply “experiencing” the product placement differently than in other shows. Maybe it’s actually working here.

Some of my favorites, the “upside down Burger” from Burger King, or the ballsy revival of the failed 80’s “New Coke” brand, or the new Lego set.

But other brands such as Trivial Pursuit and Nike are also getting in on the show.



H&M are also part of the gang with their special range of clothes:

All in all, cool brands, great show and a whole lot of memories.

Especially this Mongoose BMX bike – I seriously have not thought of this brand for atleast 30 years…. 🙂 WOW!

Check out more details here: https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2019/7/1/20677607/stranger-things-3-coca-cola-netflix-product-placement