Something new coming soon…

For the last months I have simply been working hard. No highlights and nothing to show. However, with a small bunch of highly talented people we’ve been working on a completely new “thing”.

The team is in part some of my “old” friends which I have been lucky enough to work with on the way, but also a large share of new exciting and passionate people, pooled together from different industries.

And this time we’re working very digital. Scrum, kanban, sprints, jira, you name it, we’re doing it or using it.

As with so many things it’s new and exciting. I’m not only learning from other people, but also learning how other specialists work, what they value, how our working environment is changing.

Our “thing” will be public soon enough, and then we’ll all be excited to see what the response is.

Exciting and challenging times, and I’m looking forward to having it out there…

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