CROCI Marketing


CROCI was my first role at Deutsche Asset Management (DWS) and it was a short stint where we moved the boundries within the company. We showed that with creativity and great partners you can lift a product range to the next level within a short period of time.

Our landingpage at the time was the first of the type within the company and was a highlight. It showed how you can simply tell a whole product idea on a simple but high-quality website experience (showcased as the best Institutional website in Germany “design”).


We also produced a new magazine highlighting the product range. We thought that a standard newspaper format would stand out amongst the hundreds of standard product flyers and brochures. We included interviews and explanations of “the CROCI way” and how the process of the funds was developed and lived. The big format also gave us the opportunity to highlight the new visual direction of the unique CROCI product line, whilst enabling us to bring big high-quality (high-fashion) like appearance to a fund range. After all, if you’re going to invest your money and trust a partner, the least you should expect is something which looks a millions dollars.

We also developed the CROCI Brandland – an experience box also highlighting the process of the fund management, whilst giving the visitor a special unique experience with a fund range. Once again, we were bringing the fund range into a new high-quality level unseen within the industry.

And last we developed a 3D CROCI film which highlighted the process in a visual way.

All of this was developed together with Bourros in Frankfurt at the time and was the start of an amazing working relationship for me at DWS.