Investment Conference 2016

Having the pleasure of building an event in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt was always something I thought would be an amazing opportunity, and when it came, it didn’t disappoint.

In February 2016 we had the chance to build the DWS Investment Konferenz, on its 60th Birthday, so the event was special.

We changed what had been done previously before and decided to use the space as a digital video show highlighted of course by live high-calibre speakers.

Months of planning goes into something like this and you only get one chance to get it right, since it’s a one-off live event with more than 1.000 guests.

Working in an environment like this is truly inspiring. I sat and thought of all the creative geniuses that had worked here here before in some way or another. It was special.

And it was special because of the people working on the project.

Here an impression of how one-day of setup here looks like.