Webby Awards – oh yeah!!!

Now the Webby Awards are really something. Amazing work from all over the world in so many categories, its mindblowing.

And the quality of work is the reason we should all love our jobs.

Here are some highlights which are truly award-winning:

“Get the original” by KFC in the category of “Best use of mobile”.

This one from Nike – “Colin Kaepernick Tweet”

This simple and amazing work from Australia from DDB Sydney for Volkswagen “Polo Unfail” in the category viral.

Then there is the amazing Skittles Superbowl ad from 2018 – “Skittles Super Bowl ad for one person”.

Here an exciting and super nerdy but cool ad from TDAmeritrade – “the first ad in the Blockchain” in the category “Guerilla Online & Innovation”


Here another creative campaign in the category of “Guerilla Online & Innovation” highlighting messages from locked up or killed jouranlists in the billboards within Google Street view, from “Reporters without borders”, called “Billboards beyond borders”.