WARC creative rankings 2018 out not…

WARC has brought out their top creative rankings for 2018 with some interesting insights.

The report highlights the most creative campaigns and highlights what trends are current in terms of creative work.

They highlight three top topics which are leading to great creative work:

And here the top 10 creative campaigns from 2018 based on the amount of awards they received globally. Let’s not forget, this is an amazing list here. For these campaigns to be sooooooo awarded worldwide is a major achievement.

Amongst the topic agencies worldwide it’s nice to see two aussie agencies appear, with of course a whole lot of US and UK agencies. The top German, and also top independant agency, was of course Jung von Matt who have been at the forefront in Germany for years now.

In terms of brand I admit to be suprised to see Burger King on the top spot, but their work has been amazing recently and therefore an absolute highlight! To all the top decision makers within these Marketing units, mega congratulations!

And in terms of countries no big surprises here.

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