Rethink Investing Film (Geldanlage Neu Denken)

Times have changed for investors in Germany – it’s time to “rethink investing”. ( #GeldanlageNeuDenken )

Germans are a very modern society. Environmentally aware, open society, technologically advanced, engineering prowess etc., but what about the way they invest their money. Not very modern.

In international studies and comparisons Germans aren’t very modern or good at investing their money. If you believe the studies only around 12% of Germans invest their money in stocks. Most of the money is lying around on savings accounts, which due to historically low interest rates, melting away.

That’s why we made this movie – trying to highlight how modern Germans are, but how they need to rethink their approach to investing.

Thanks to “Messbar” we made an interesting and moving simple film explaining the situation. Check out the film here (German version only).



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