Moving towards a love brand.

At CosmosDirekt we started a new journey 2 1/2 years ago.

We said we wanted to be more than a successful online insurer. We said we want to do our part to change the world for better. To help people when we can, because after all, that’s what insurers are there for – to help when in need.

And that is when our new slogan “Schütze, was du liebst” (Protect, what you love) was born.

And ever since then we’ve been trying to fill this slogan with life. We’ve been focused on using our marketing expertise and resources to help people who could do with some help. To do more than simple advertising, but to add to people’s lives, whilst also promoting our brand.

So it’s not all about others. We admit it is aimed to help us too. But why not help others, when you’re trying to help yourself. Isn’t that the power we have today.

Here a film highlighting our passion. What’s important to us so far on this journey.

We’re pretty proud thus far, and we want to add to this.

It’s our path to becoming the first insurance lovebrand.