Best Corona Ads

Corona has changed our world and our advertising, for now atleast.

Here are some of my highlights in this tough and challenging period.

Its becoming more and more apparent over the last years that we as humans are wanting brands to be more relevant and in tune with what is moving us. And we’re living in maybe the best times ever, but also times, which call for constant pressure in a way. We’re always on, getting to know about everything what’s bad in our world at all times. Our environment is suffering and we need to change our lives. We’re encountering more and more pandemics and the split between rich and poor increases everyday. People from less fortunate parts of the globe have had enough, and are willing to risk som much, to have some of what we in the developed world have.

Tough times, even though they are fantastic. All the more important that brands are relevant and provide some slight moments of happiness and inspiration.

  1. Droga5 for Facebook. “Never lost”.

Agency Droga5 NY

2. Apple “Creativity goes on”

Apple showcases its role in keeping creativity alive during lockdown.

The tech brand hopes to show that ‘Creativity Goes On’ with a film montage footage of people keeping creativity alive; whether it be drawing pictures on iPads, producing video content on Macbooks or using FaceTime to share creative ideas.

Produced over the course of two weeks, the film is interspersed with celebrities including John Krasinski working on an episode of his YouTube show #SomeGoodNews, Oprah Winfrey addressing #OprahTalks viewers on Apple TV+ with words of support, and the actress Lily James taking part in the #SaveWithStories children’s book initiative with her iPad.

Created by TBWA\Media Arts Lab, the spot falls into the emerging genre of ads created from the confines of lockdown.

3. CosmosDirekt & Leagas Delaney (yes, that’s us).

At Cosmos we were also thinking quite quickly about our role in society as an insurer and what we were going to offer. It was quickly apparent, that now is the time we, as a company and brand, need to be there and offer somthing for people in Germany. We therefore developed the “Family” campaign, offering families free life-insurance and accident insurance for a certain period of time.

Together with our agency Leagas Delaney (Hamburg) we created the new campaign within 2 weeks, using stock material but also material we shot over two days in difficult conditions.

An amazing effort to get such a campaign up and running, and it showed me that, when people really want to do something good, and the company gets behind it, you can be creative and inspiring in short periods of time.