ING Markets film highlights….

Film tells the stories the best, even within the financial industry. Here are some examples looking back at what we did for ING.

A fun project and new project was the “Markets Club Trading Day” in Münich, where we asked the club members to tell us who and what they want to see, and we put it together for them. A superb project which showed what can be done wehn linking loyalty programms, with online and offline.


At the beginning of the year we decided to hold live events and host them online via banner advertising and within own-media. Users could actually ask questions online whilst sitting at home, and the presenters could answer them live. At the same time we had a live feed to New York City where people online could ask questions in Munich. An interesting technological project.


One of the bigger events for ING Markets was the Invest Trade Show 2014. We invited numerous speakers to talk for two days about the markets. Here is the video:


Another project we had was “22 questions to the experts”. A simple and easy way of making finance a little more emotional.


Added to this we introduced “BörsenheldTV”, which was an own TV show for the online trading game. It ran daily and was intended to build hype and interest amongst the playing community. Thanks to Melanie Kösser we had in part more viewers online than other financial TV programms which were running online on “real TV channels” at the time.


And we can’t finish the video journey of ING Markets without the weekly market updates from Markus Koch in New York. A great presenter with great knowledge on the markets and access to the latest news.



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