teamLab Borderless Shanghai

The amazing teamLab is having its first show in Shanghai.

‘teamLab borderless’ — a monumental museum featuring a collection of teamLab’s 50 original artworks and interactive installations — opens in huangpu district, shanghai on november 5, 2019. the idea behind the museum is to break all boundaries between human and nature, and to create a seamless interaction between the artworks. ‘artworks move out of rooms, communicate with other works, influence, and sometimes intermingle with each other’, says teamLab.


without a map, visitors will immerse themselves in the vast space and wander through the ‘four worlds’ that make up the museum. each world is designed by teamLab to provide unique experiences: ‘borderless world’ showcases many of teamLab’s previously exhibited installation pieces; ‘microcosmoses’ depicts a community of moving light vehicles; ‘forest of lamps’ consists of hundreds of lit lanterns below and above the ground; and a virtual tea drinking experience at the ‘en tea house’.