Rebranding CosmosDirekt

As leading online insurer in Germany and with a seventy year history, it was time for CosmosDirekt to redesign the entire brand to make sure that it was up to speed with todays expectations as a leading online company.

Superunion Germany has created a new brand for CosmosDirekt, Germany’s leading online insurer and the direct insurer of Generali Deutschland, part of Generali Group, one of the largest insurance and asset management companies in the world. CosmosDirekt is a pioneer in the insurance market, enabling its customers to self-manage their financial and insurance products, including claims, through a digital platform built for users who want to be in control of their lives. The new digital-first brand is created to inspire a new generation of customers, who value the emotional connection with the brand.

Superunion developed a brand strategy with an idea of “self-determined life”, positioning CosmosDirekt as a lifetime partner through all the stages of customers’ lives, and created a brand personality and tone of voice that is warm and human, honest and direct.

The dynamic identity in bold blue, green and red, showcases the brand in a modern, experiential way. A progressive, self-determined and digital brand with maximum flexibility to speak to its audiences across digital-first channels.

We kept the colors and the name of the traditional company whilst modernizing the whole design. On top we changed the tonality to a more direct and open form.

The redesign has now led to a new website, new app and a new client portal. And to make sure that we represent the brand open and accessible to everyone we also have launched our own brand site where clients and partners can directly access all brand assets.

Thanks to all the amazing people involved.

Superunion Munich.

Philipp Mühlebach

Michael Pflesser

Vinia Zottnick


ADC Awards 2022

D&AD 2021 – Wood Pencil

German Brand Award 2022