Ads for good

Corona has been pretty painful for many people. Shops have been closed for months, restaurants, museums, shopping malls, playgrounds etc etc etc. Kids are stuck at home, and we’re all at home working away on our laptops.

This period got us thinking about how we can maybe help our communities who are facing harder times than we are. We thought about our brand promise “Schütze was du liebst” (Protect what you love) and found an amazing solution to how we can help. Ads for good were born.

The idea.

The idea was simple – support local shops in our communities which have been forced to close thanks to Covid and help them get through this period by booking their shop window faces.

We offered 1.000 Euros per window for 10 days, more than the amount we would pay for for outdoor advertising. This way, the shop owners were supported through an income whilst having to keep their doors shut, and we found sound great advertising space.

For us and for the owners a real win-win.

At first we tested the idea in Hamburg, and soon realised we were onto something. The reponse was amazing.

The owners were so grateful that we were really moved by what impact we were making. The whole company at CosmosDirekt got involved and we also involved our customers asking them which stores we could support in their neighbourhoods.

At the end the campaign went aroudn Germany (in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Saarbrücken) and we supported more than 100 stores.

The social feedback and support for the store owners and the love we received as a brand, was something unheard of in the insurance business in Germany for many years.

We did what we were supposed to do. We made a difference.

Campaign idea.
Herr Max in Hamburg
Faire Fritzi in Hamburg
SLAM Records in Hamburg
Kittys Schnittkunst in Hamburg