Midas Awards Winners

For everyone who’s ever said financial marketing is boring, you’re so wrong! Financial marketing is so alive.

The annual Midas Awards (Best financial advertising in the world) have been held for 2018 and the quality of winners is amazing.

This years winners include big global brands like Mastercard, HSBC, Citi, Bank of America, ING, Credit Suisse, State Street as well as some powerful regional brands like OppenheimerFunds, Allan Grey and even our own YUNAR.

These financial leaders show that marketing and advertising are important in the success of their businesses and that great, creative work can lead to engaging customer experiences as well as sales successes. And the people within these financial institutions also show that being courageous and inspiring does pay off.

This years Grand Midas Award goes to Credit Suisse and their agency FUTURLITE AG for their amazing campaign “The Bellboy”. This is a great campaign showing that something as simple and as “mundane” as arranging online leasing can be such a wonderful story, if you think a little out-of-the-box and watch a lot of Wes Anderson films.

Another favorite of mine is the Mastercard “Can’t judge a book” campaign developed by McCANN New York, which inspires and feals very much like something Adidas would do. It highlights the stories of up and coming and already famous inspiring artists from around the globe

Another very smart campaign was Sanlam Life Insurance “Conversations with yourself” campaign, developed together with the agency King James, highlighting how one person acts and makes decisions at different stages in their life, which will affect his / her life for ever. A very smart way of looking at how people need to focus on their fianancial decisions even when they’re only 20.

One campaign which really moves is “Fathers share” also developed by King James this time together with Allan Gray, which tells of a story of how a father always takes away some money from his childrens earnings and then surprises them. Very emotional, especially when you have your own kids.

Bank of America developed “Friends again” with their own agency Groupe Connect, which went extremely viral in the US. It actually amazes me how such a campaign can go so main stream media in the US, and makes me wonder how something so very much “advertising” can make an impact like that.

And yes, YUNAR also collected 1 x Gold Midas and 2 x Silver Midas awards as well as two other certificates, which makes me super happy and proud. An amazing job by our agencies SuperUnion and C3, highlighting also here that creative courage and internal support can lead to amazing results.

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