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CosmosDirekt 2022 Review

Another year is behind us with some amazing memories together with our team of creators.

We went live with the completely new CosmosDirekt rebranding at the beginning of the year, giving Germany’s leading online insurer not only a new visual look, but also a new tonality, and new digital assets (including our website, App and client portal). For this rebranding we were awarded numerous awards around the world. We won a silver ADC Award for our cooperation together with Google, Dr. Bonnie-Shaver-Troup and SuperUnion Germany for our extension of the Lexend Font, which can now be used worldwide (free Google font now), and enables people with reading difficulties and / or dyslexia a better understanding of what is written. We also won a D&AD Wood Pencil for this.

CosmosDirekt Marke
CosmosDirekt Rebranding

At the beginning of the year we launched our first ever brand campaign to “Schütze was du liebst” in order to highlight all the things which are important to people and worth “protecting”. The campaign has been nominated for a German Brand Award.

We partnered with leading television channel SAT1 to support the “#Mutmachwoche” (Courage making week), which highlighted the life and issues surrounding the millions of people who suffer from cancer, and highlighted how people survive the disease and flourish in their lives after. This of course was one of our “Schütze was du liebst” highlights in 2022 and was awarded a “Best-Case” highlight.

SAT1 CosmosDirekt

Then on Aprils fools day we decided to release the world’s first ever “Bad Monday Insurance” for all of those people who get up Monday morning feeling like they need to the next weekend. Fun was had! 😉

We took on the topic of female empowerment with our campaign “Schütze was du liebst” (Protect what you love) together with Germanys’ funniest female comedian Carolin Kebekus. We not only enabled her to host the first ever “female only” music festival in Germany, but also broke new ground with our special 1 minute ad addressing the topic of female empowerment within the music industry. The music festival DCKS Festival (Die Carolin Kebekus Show) went on to win a “Preis für Popkultur” Award in Germany in the category of “Gelebte Popkultur” (live Pop culture).

In terms of eSports we were integrated into FIFA22 worldwide with our Team NEO, who also made it to the World Championships finals late in the year. We launched our first ever Gaming Area in Cologne (Xperion), as the CosmosDirekt eFootball Aren and one of the NEO players (DullenMike) went on to win the Virtuel Bundesliga.

On top of this we partnered with our first sporting Brand Ambassador for CosmosDirekt German Skateboarding Champion Lilly Steophasius. At age 15, she has now become our first CosmosDirekt athlete and is the perfect match for our new “Accident insurance product” with focus on kids. We are super proud to be able to support her and her family on their endeavors and adventures around the world.

We won our first “Gold Effie Germany” for our #CosmicFail campaign, which was extremely satisfying since its awarded to those marketing campaigns which are extremely effective, not necessarily just creative.

And all of this was achieved by an amazing bunch of people who dedicated their expertise, passion and ideas to make our year the year it was.

Thanks to all of you creators! You make the world better. 🙂

CosmosDirekt Marketing
CosmosDirekt Review 2022