Starbucks design tricks

Starbucks as we all know is a massive success story. Why? There are many reasons, but mainly not for their coffee I would say.

One thing they have in grip is their store design. They understand the value their stores have in selling products and the value to their brand. Whether it be the free WiFi, the easy payment via your mobile phone, or the standardised product offering on every major global street corner, they know how it works.

Here is a cool video from Bloomberg News, which uncovers some of the deas behind their new store designs.

Intersting update to this article – just discovered Starbucks’ “MyStarbucksidea” site, which is fantastic. Here there a huge amount of comments and requests however for them to go back to their roots and make their stores my community-based and enjoyable. So I guess the message here is, analyse and develop and maximise, but don’t forget the business is about people, and in this case about people enjoying their coffee in a comfortable and personal / friendly ambience.



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