Retrospective – BNP Paribas advertising from 2007 – 2010

Together with TBWA / Tequila D√ľsseldorf (Johannes Klenk) we created the advertising campaign for BNP Paribas derivatives Germany. The campaign was in my opinion the best within the industry over the last years. (I’m biased ūüôā )

It all started with the idea of being fresh, modern, confident and different. Doing the exact opposite of what the market was expecting and had been doing for what feels like decades.

We wanted to challenge the idea that a successful Bank needed to be boring, conservative and complicated.

This is a highlight of the ads we created at the time. What made the campaign so successful was that it was extremely unique, the design was strongly recognisable and worked well together, and the campaign idea gave us enormous freedom to communicate on so many different topics.

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