CosmosDirekt first ever image film.

Why do people buy an insurance? Not because they wake up one morning and decided that’s what they want to do. People wake up an decide to “protect what they love” or what is important to them the best they can.

And that’s the idea of our first ever brand campaign, highlighting the things people love and want to protect. And that’s our role in society, to provide the best insurance (protection) possible if things go wrong.

A beautiful campaign created with Leagas Delaney, 27km (production company), KRONK (the duet-directors) and music from California Music.

The text is spoken by German hip hop legend Thomas D, who loved the idea of the campaign that he actually joined us in creating the whole thing.

Included in this production we also made short 10 second cut down ads which can be used to promote individual products.

A beautiful production.

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