OWN-X – We print fast

Back in the beginning of 2012 I had a small side project working for the highly innovative Hungarian printing company OWN-X. The objective: provide them with a brand identity and build their website.

We worked together with the Hungarian agency ACG, which was a pleasure. At first we designed the logo(s) for the brandand the individual products, and then a slogan “We print fast”. The slogan clearly communicated what the products do – they print super fast, which clearly increases output, reduces costs and at a super high quality. Then we moved to devloping the website.

OWN-X Brand

The result, OWN-X now had a brand identity and web presence, which although was simple and clean, did justice to the innovative products they produce. Nice job.

OWN-X homepage

Since then OWN-X has been bought by US-company RTI Digital.


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