Happy Halloween

Halloween is a fun evening, especially when your have kids and are able to do some creative stuff for your brand(s).

Let’s start with the “Terrifying 10” as ranked using the Unruly EQ tool, which uses a combination of audience panels, facial coding and machine learning to measure viewers’ emotional response to advertising. Horror-movie trailers were omitted from the ranking.

Here’s the top 10, in reverse order of scariness:






And here one of the best all time Halloween ads from Dirt Devil, from a few years back now.


4. “The message on the laptop at the end reads, “Have you put your winter tires on?”


2. Dead Island Trailer which I’m not really interested in showing.


And this year Budweiser has done a nice campaign staring the “King of Halloween” writer “John Carpenter.

HELLvetica Is a Hellishly Kerned Helvetica, Made for Halloween

Hellvitica have made a special fun font for this years Halloween, and even Satan has a word to say about it. 🙂








And here is a Burger King classic from a few years back now aimed at McDonalds (as usual). It’s fun, easy and impactful.


And here is a link to an old campaign we did for Halloween for DWS.