Yahoo gets a brand rework…

Yahoo, a major brand of what feels like “yesteryear”, has undertaken a brand refresh and the work is modern and enables me to tell people that I still have a Yahoo email account again. 🙂

The rebranding has been undertaken together with branding Agency Pentagram.

“A refreshed identity for the iconic web service captures the exuberant personality of the brand and reimagines it for the future.”

The logo has been optimized to work across various platforms and scales, from the small canvas of a mobile app to the side of a building. The identity is further streamlined with a simple “y!” monogram, useful for favicons and social media icons. The monogram is also the foundation for a cohesive brand architecture that locks up the “y!” with various channels to create sub-brands for Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo Weather.

Of course, the identity appears in purple, Yahoo’s signature color since 2003. (Internally, the rebranding was called “Project Purple.”) The designers refined the palette and made it more contemporary, selecting a primary purple (a bright shade they called “grape jelly”) and secondary purples (“hulk pants” and “malbec”), as well as accent colors.


“The refreshed brand identity is simpler and more flexible, and looks back to the original, quirky 1996 logo.”