Web & App ideas in 2011

Macquarie was a great project after just coming off four years of bringing BNP Paribas to the top of the industry.

We had resources and a lot of dedication to really “kick ass” in the market.

After changing the online website landscape with BNP Paribas we had to push the boundaries further and hence we launched the new Macquarie website in record time. We had 6 months from concept to going live, which was hugely ambitous, but together with an amazing team at Smarthouse we did it. And thanks to Jens and Peter who did everything to make sure the site went live.

We continued with a simple site, but made sure we offered a heap of content on a daily basis, making sure that day traders would find all their analysis and insights on one site.

Here are some of the pages and ideas back then.

And of top of that we were working on developing a new app to change the market. We ended up going a different direction decided to rather partner with Finanzen100 to develop the first App-in-App solution in the trading market at the time.