Yunar brand design

Developing a new brand from scratch for a traditional global company is an awesome opportunity, which is what I have had building YUNAR.

Deutsche Bank actually gave us the freedom to create a modern brand. Working together with the experts at SuperUnion München was a real treat and we pushed ourselves for months on end to come up with something I believe in.

YUNAR brand
YUNAR brand

A brand which is unique, modern or as the say “now”, which is creative and easy to use and which is not overwhelming but rather simple and small. Here the focus was always on taking a back step. The stories and therefore the brand needs to come from the people using the brand, hence why we built something which is easy to use. You can be the star, you can be the ad, simply show your “happy moment” and add some effects to it.

It was also super important for us to make sure that this brand design and experience is real. Not too flashy, but real. People love real things these days, not brands that think they are on another level and are fake. Hence real images, not fancy million-dollar photo shoots or the rest, just real stuff that we can all develop everyday with our mobile phones.

It’s all about small happy moments that the app plans to give you. Not more, not less.

And the final product, well I love it. Let’s see how the people experience it…


Midas Gold 2018 – Illustration

Midas Silver 2018 – Design

Midas Certificate 2018 – Branding

Midas Certificate 2018 – Design / Identity


Superunion Munich

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