Burger King AI ads… OMG°

It’s time. The new Burger King ads have been created purely by super poweful Artifical Intelligence. Is this the end of creativity for humans?

I guess not.

Burger King released the ads via a press statement telling the world that the most powerful AIs have been at work creating the ads, which were then tested in focus groups and put out on air.

“The brand’s statement claims that BK “decided to use high-end computing resources and big data to train an artificial neural network with advanced pattern recognition capabilities by analyzing thousands of fast-food commercials and competitive reports from industry research.” Burger King goes so far as to say that more than 300 commercials were created and tested in focus groups and says the ads will be the first ones created by an A.I. to air on national TV.”

Here two ads that made it to the screens:

Luckily its never going to be about technology alone, rather the IDEA will always be at the heart of good storytelling and human emotional engagement.

“AI, bots, machine learning, deep learning algorithms, blockchain, among others. These are all topical as we explore our future in marketing. But we need to avoid getting lost in the sea of technology innovation and buzzwords and forget what really matters. And that’s the idea,” Marcelo Pascoa, Burger King’s global head of brand marketing, tells Ad Age in an emailed statement complete with the word “idea” in all caps. “Artificial intelligence is not a substitute for a great creative idea coming from a real person.”

Love them. 🙂

Am starting to think that Burger King is becoming the hottest brand in terms of marketing creativity on earth. Great work!

Read more here: https://adage.com/creativity/work/burger-king-ai-ad-whopper/950441 

Ok, since I like it so much, here’s another cool IDEA from Burger King: