Clio Creators 2019 – the up and coming…

Clio brings out an Anuual “up and coming” list and this years talent is as always super impressive.

Here some of the work that really needs to be shown.

Amy Ferguson and Julia Neumann

Executive Creative Directors
TBWA\Chiat\Day New York

Some work for Adidas:

And here their Creative Approach:

“Neumann says her creative approach is to work off great strategy and insights, and always strive to create work that expresses the best of that thinking. “In the case of ‘Billie Jean King Your Shoes,’ we were bold and brave to use the competition as a vehicle to get the bigger message across,” she says. “It’s essentially what Billie did when she decided to play the Battle of the Sexes. We just copied it.”

“I am all about the idea,” Ferguson says of her approach. “I find the best ideas are usually the most simple. If you can’t explain it in a sentence or two, or sketch it on a piece of paper, then it’s probably too complicated.” She asks herself two questions when evaluating work: “Would I be excited to make this?” “And would I be jealous of this work if I saw it out in the world?” She sums up her philosophy for getting great work in three short sentences: “Work hard. Have fun. Go home.”

Badger Denehy

Creative Director

Badger and the team have been responsible for some of that amazing work in promoting Westworld, inlcuding one of the best immersive campaigns of all time at SXSW.


Denehy has a few different professional tenets he finds useful:

• “There are no small spots—only opportunities to prove you shouldn’t be assigned small spots anymore.”
• “Excitement is contagious—be at an 11 and use a lot of exclamation marks!!!!”
• “If you want different creative, work with different creatives.”
• “Don’t set out to fit a nine-hour series into 90 seconds. Try to find that unique ‘thing’ each series has and expand it to :90.”
• “You can do all of the above without being a jerk.”


Elliot and Allie Nordstrom

Associate Creative Directors
Venables Bell & Partners

Together they have done some highly interesting work, like this ad for Reebok, which was surely not easy to get through internally.

Their Creative Approach:

“Both Allie and Elliot say positivity goes a long way in the often-brutal ad business. “I think just trying hard, pushing past most of your ideas and keeping a positive attitude is the best approach, even when it seems hard or stressful. I’d rather do this than any other job,” says Allie. Adds Elliot: “I try to remind myself that every setback, every killed concept, every challenging client comment is just another opportunity to make the thing we’re making better. Also, I try not to eat lunch at my desk.”

Eric Leiberman

Head of Brand and Creative
YouTube Artist Marketing

Now Erics work for Youtube is a simple idea that works fantastically. By bringing Youtube the channel and musicians together into making a series worth watching on Youtube.

Click here to view all the Youtube Artist Series.

Leibermanns Creative Approach:

“Leiberman is inspired by this quote from iconic music producer Rick Rubin: “The artist may not always be the maker. He/she may be the person who sees the piece and recognizes the art in it.” “I don’t consider myself a maker in the conventional sense, neither by training, nor by practice,” Leiberman says. “Rather, my growth as a creative has come from endless exploration and wonder, and a genuine passion for answering questions and solving problems. The journey I’ve been on, personally and professionally, has helped me hone my vision and taste for creative that moves people while simultaneously delivering impact to the company I work for and the artist with whom we partner.”

Jordan Dinwiddie

Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Jordan has become a major part of the Nike LeBron James collaboration and has been involved in making some inspiring ads for the man and the city and the brand.

Her creative approach:

“My general approach comes down to two things,” she says. “1) Can I call bullshit? If it doesn’t reflect the world in 2019 and isn’t honest, then it’s back to the drawing board. 2) Will my grandma like it?”

Nice one. 🙂


Lauren van Aswegen

Mother New York

Now I really love the value of the “Insta Novels” campaign created by Lauren and her team at Mother for the New York Public Library aimed at getting young people to read more novels again. The world needs more of this.

Her Creative Approach:

For van Aswegen, rule breaking is critical for anyone trying to break new ground. “You can have all the experience in the world, but if it’s not accompanied by an intellectual curiosity to break the rules or go off script, then nothing new can be achieved—what you have done before is merely being repeated,” she says. “Go with the solution that feels wrong. Hey, if it doesn’t work out, at least you were having fun doing something you haven’t done before.”

Peter Laundy

Director of Partnership Planning & Creative
City Football Group

Now here is something very unusual which is a great idea.

Peters Creative Approach:

“Man City’s partnerships begin with what Laundy calls the “emotive nature and transformational power” of the sport itself—the global game and universal language that is football. From there, the team’s creative approach originates from marrying powerful brand/product truths with key insights and behaviors of Man City’s fans globally and locally. “For me, success is authentic, compelling content that can feature cross-channel,” says Laundy, “allowing our partners to develop an authentic conversation and emotive connection between their brand and business and our fans. It’s a depth of connection other partnership platforms simply can’t accomplish.”


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