Where is the love – Brandz Top 50 German brands 2019

German brands are world leaders in so many categories and according to the annual BrandZ German Top 50 Brands 2019, German brands have added value – around 11% over 2018.

This means that the Top German brands rank #3 globally according to the Kantar annual reports. German brands perform well in so many areas, and the only space where they need to improve is in terms of “client love and creativity”.

Here the top findings:

Trends in Germany according to the report are built around some of the following: “Taking a stand” (hence be meaningful and aim to provide more than simply sales), “Germans loves bargains”, “eating meat is getting the chop”, “Big brother is wathcing (concerns over the data privacy continue to grow), “diversity is growing and changing society” (which is a good thing), “old media is still todays’ media”, “Germans like buying locally”, etc.

There are many interesting points in the report being covered and especially the media landscape I found to be fascinating:

One of the most important aspects of nurturing love is having a clear brand purpose – something a brand stands for aside from making money. This is becoming increasingly important to consumers who have begun to take quality as a given; they want something more that resonates with what they want to say about themselves.

The complete study can be found here: https://millwardbrown.de/brandz-top-50-most-valuable-german-brands-2019/