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This week we, together with Axel Springer ( launched the new onlineportal

About half a year ago I met with the guys at to discuss a potential new onlineportal idea. The idea at the time, why don’t we build a portal dedicated to the growing real estate investing market?

Currently there is no online “owner” of this space in Germany, and so after a few simple and open meetings we decided together to launch this project. And less than four months later we’re live.

The target group are “normal” middle-class germans who want to invest in the booming global real-estate market without taking on huge personal risks.

The site aims to inform investors about the opportunities available to them (product-placement), entertain and inspire them with amazing real-estate stories from around the world, open up new thinking on the possibilities available and the developments of the real-estate market around the world and inspire via imagery and video content about not only the trends in the global market, but also the architectural developments around.

The first feedback of the site at this years DMEXCO was amazing. What comes across as hugely unique is the concept of the site. It’s a new form of native-advertising, without being “native-advertising”. As was mentioned, “it’s an incredibly smart way of connecting a brand and branded content, with a global trending topic”.

Let’s see how it develops.

Thanks Jens, Peter, Lennart and Melanie. 🙂

Read the press release here:



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