Real estate investment platform

After many long talks with our real estate investment team I was fascinated by this investment world. Finally something which you can market – some real bricks and mortor – not just some traded stock or the like.

We thought about how we can bring this to life and one of the first things we noticed was, there is no portal or central information source for this type of investment. Its either individual developer sites, investment sites or real estate sites. Nothing highlighting the trends happening within this industry.

So together with Germany’s largest investment platform we developed “Anlegen in Immobilien” (Real estate investing).

We highlighted different trends happening around the world that are affecting the real estate projects and values. From simple housing projects, to high-rise investment projects, to green real-estate, or shipping warehouses or shopping complexes. All are highly lucrative and available through investment funds, which of course DWS has.

A great new project offering more insights for the everyday investor.