Leaving ING…..

The time has come. I have resigned from ING Bank (ING Markets).

A little more than two good years and now it’s time for something new. Was a good time. Learnt a lot. Had the opportunitiy to work with some high talented individuals; Kevin Boos, Markus Koch, Johannes Klenk, the team from Vi Company, Ronald Gehrt, Ingmar Königshofen, Nico Meissner, Simon Bolz, Robert Abend, Pascal Nörrenberg, Lasse Groth and Sharif Nahas, just to name a few.

Some of the highlights:

The launch together with the IZA Branchendienst.


The best issuer website (thanks Vi Company):


The first really good mobile responsive site:




The first issuer Bank to develop a loyalty programm with the Markets Club:


Exciting new types of events, whether it were trade shows, the first live streaming online / offline events, and or the first “crowdsourcing” event for the Markets Club members;



onlinevents Members


The sponsoring of pretty much all major trade shows for Traders in Germany:




Getting Markus Koch to join the ING Markets story right from the beginning:



Working with so many traders experts within the German market:






Having the opportunity to be the first issuer to work together with the all new Guidants trading terminal from Börsego:





Being the first issuer to run online advertising enabling real-time questions to be answered to live trading experts in online streamed events:



And being able to have launched “Börsenheld” the trading game in Germany:bh1s bh2s



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